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January 19 2015

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The fear of progression since the dawn of man

If you go back really far there were actually philosophers who criticized the idea of written language because then people wouldn’t memorize stuff any more.

My favorite is still John Philip Sousa, who was so goddamn dense he tried to argue that the existence of recorded music would mean that people would never learn to play instruments or sing.

That’s right, he thought the music created up until and during his time was so fucking good that if it were put on wax cylinders eventually nobody would ever write or perform music on their own again.

This is a thing he actually wrote: “These talking machines are going to ruin the artistic development of music in this country. When I was a boy…in front of every house in the summer evenings, you would find young people together singing the songs of the day or old songs. Today you hear these infernal machines going night and day. We will not have a vocal cord left. The vocal cord will be eliminated by a process of evolution, as was the tail of man when he came from the ape.”

What a fucking jackass.



Hetero-lens = societal problem that dictates the assumption that gay people cannot exist in media and only hetero romances are acceptable; taught development that affects everyone including LGBT+ peoples

Hetero-lens =/= omg you are so homophobic you’re a terrible person for not seeing this as romantic

January 18 2015

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Building Studies and Application in Design Sketches

The first two pages are studies from reference. This is very important for me as it allows me to really get a good grasp of the proportions of building sections with respect to each other, e.g. distribution and elevation of stories, entrance-to-gate-to-roof ratios, etc. 

For the last images— Taking the info I’ve learned from the studies, I tried designing my own building front elevations. I intend to use these for a world-building project.

I specifically chose Romanesque and Indo-Saracenic architecture. But I also took the liberty of gathering and using some Byzantine references on the side since historically, that’s where medieval Christian and Muslim aesthetics intersect. In my mind, if I want to combine Roman and Saracenic designs, there is no point making it up on my own because existing, functional solutions are actually already provided for by the Byzantine architects of history!

Also shown are my materials. I use a very light grey marker* to block in my shapes, then I line it with a super fine 0.04 Pilot G-Tec pen. I then use midtone greys (two shades away from each other) for shadows. At the end, I use a fatter line to draw around each building thumbnail, in order to separate and distinguish them as uniquely readable silhouettes. I find that it is easier to get a quick read of each unique shape if you do this fat line around each of them. That way it’s easier to compare and select which designs are working for you :)

*Prismacolor TRIA: NG08. NG stands for Neutral Grey. If you use Copics, I think the equivalent is T1 or T2. (T stands for Toner, I presume)

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Shippers gonna ship. Drawers gonna draw :))

Some notes on the artwork:

  • Asami is slouching because she is tall. Ahaha. Sorry if it looks uncharacteristic :)
  • The bike is a 1950s Motoguzzi Falcone. LoK’s world aesthetic seems closer to that of the 1920s and the war eras. But I think this cafe racer really fits the series’ design language. Plus, it’s just such a nice-looking bike! I changed the colors to better fit the steam and diesel colors of Republic City.
  • The jacket is not an Asami personal jacket cos that would be weird and narcissistic. Plus jock jackets are not a steampunk thing. I justify it as a Sato Mobiles (the automobile brand of Future Industries) jacket, I guess. I just thought it would be nice to have a “Sato” jacket over Korra. I like my cheese subtle ;)
  • I did not have them with helmets on because since they have their backs towards us, I only have their silhouettes to rely on for iconic character identity. If I covered the hair, they might as well be some other character pair. But I still drew helmets so as not to violate the representation of safety regulations. I really think these things through, haha.
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she was special and unique because unlike other girls she read a book and drank a tea and didnt talk about a clothes

young adult authors everywhere 


#she was also hetero and she liked to look at the stars at night

#And she was an old soul who raised herself, also her eyes were deep pools

#And she didn’t wear makeup but it was okay because she had flawless skin anyway

(via ugly-girl-problems)



i have this headcannon that when Korra and Jinora are apart for long periods of time 

like when korra is busy with asami, saving the world and her babies and Jinora’s with Kai and helping with the air nation 

they have a standing date in the spirit world where they meet up chat and have tea 

and this goes on for like 60 years


Today, on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, I would like to remind you not


to forget that King’s family pursued a court case against the US in 1999 for assassinating MLK Jr. and WON. That’s a fact that is always conveniently left out of history books. Don’t let them turn him into their own personal puppet doll that says “I have a dream” when you pull the string, please. 

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Dutch Company Powers Streetlights With Living Plants; Will Your Cell Phone Be Next?

In Hembrug, Netherlands, a crowd stood in a park and looked up into the evening sky, waiting for lights to shine. This month more than 300 LED lights were illuminated by the Dutch company Plant-e in a new energy project called “Starry Sky.” Although the bulbs were ordinary, the electricity running through them derived from a new process that harnesses the power of living plants.

Read more





He was 13 Years old and was shot dead by police.


He was carrying a toy gun and was shot by police, 8 TIMES! The officers proceeded to handcuff him, even though he was pronounced dead at the scene.In July, they announced no charges would be filed.

We need to start talking about this!! Please bring him some justice!!!





Millennials Are Less Tolerant Than You Think — Science of Us

"The fact of the matter is that millennials who are white — that is, members of the group that has always had the most regressive racial beliefs, and who will constitute a majority of U.S. voters for at least another couple of decades — are, on key questions involving race, no more open-minded than their parents. The only real difference, in fact, is that they think they are."




The fact that oppressed people can’t make a single angry statement about their oppressors without being asked to clarify they didn’t mean literally everyone in that group just in case they hurt someone’s feelings blows my fucking mind.

Sorry if I hurt your feelings by pointing out that you’re part of a group that benefits from the dehumanisation of others.

I guess I was just too busy being actively dehumanised to care.

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Terminator-style implant may help paralyzed people walk again

Swiss scientists have created a cyborg-style implant they hope will soon give paralyzed people a chance to walk again. So far, it has been successfully tested in labs, which means clinical trials with humans should start soon.

The soft, stretchable device, dubbed e-Dura, is the brainchild of scientists from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. It is designed to act as a “bridge” between two ends of severed spinal cord and deliver electrical impulses and drugs.

It is named after dura matter, a thick membrane that surrounds the brain and spinal cord.

Due to its softness and flexibility, this silicon and gold “ribbon” implant doesn’t cause inflammation and rejection when connected to spinal tissue.

To make the gold even more elastic, the scientists laid it down in layers of just 35 nanometers (0.000035 millimeters) thick.

"The spinal cord expands and relaxes," said Professor Stéphanie Lacour. “If you have a hard, non-deformable material, the friction and rubbing cause inflammation.”

The implant imitates the mechanical properties of living tissue, and can simultaneously deliver electric impulses and pharmacological substances with little risk of damage.

READ MORE: Paralyzed man walks again thanks to UK-funded tech

In previous attempts, similar implants caused the immune system to reject the “foreign body,” and so they had to be removed.

The Swiss scientists believe their e-Dura can last 10 years in humans before its needs replacing.

 read more 

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why aren’t people talking about this anymore, its not over.

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A pioneering black photographer comes home

A new exhibition at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts showcases a career-defining project from iconic photographer Gordon Parks

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Planned Action to Coincide with Nationwide MLK Jr. Weekend Protests 

San Francisco, CA – Saturday, January 17th, 2015 – An organization of Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC) plan to shut down nightlife in the Castro tonight in solidarity with the #Blacklivesmatter campaign, which has called for an escalation of nationwide actions to coincide with Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. 

Organizers of the event plan to rally at 18th street and Castro at 9:30pm. Activists say they chose to rally at the Castro because it is a space dominated by white middle class men, and is symbolic of the racial divide within the LGBT community and gentrification in San Francisco in general. 

Organizers say they are also protesting the Castro due to its housing of many mainstream LGBT organizations who have remained overwhelmingly silent on the #Blacklivesmatter movement, and who, they argue, are generally apathetic towards issues affecting black and brown members of the LGBT community.

In a letter addressed to mainstream LGBT organizations, activists stated that: “Politicized rituals of mourning… were once central to LGBT culture. But now that AIDS is wreaking its worst devastation within the Black community, and now that most reports of hate violence involve attacks on Black and Latina transwomen, mourning has become a footnote in many white-dominated LGBT spaces.”

QTPOC organizers say this action is just the beginning of a larger campaign of solidarity actions they are planning in support of #Blacklivesmatter. QTPOC activists hope to pressure mainstream LGBT organizations to take action on #Blacklivesmatter and to adopt its goals and demands as their own. 

Addendum: QTPOC activists’ full list of demands:

1.  Pressure San Francisco LGBT Center, Horizons Foundation, Equality CA, Human Rights Campaign, all mainstream LGBT organizations to take concrete action in support of black lives

2.  Donate money to efforts that support queer and trans black leadership including TGI Justice Project, Trans Women of Color Collective, and BreakOUT!

3. Support the Black Friday 14: #BlackLivesMatter #NotOneDime.

Sign the petition to demand that BART stop its persecution of civil rights protesters who halted BART on Black Friday.

4.  Find alternatives to calling the police to keep our communities safe.

(Photo Credit: Twitter)

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