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Building Studies and Application in Design Sketches

The first two pages are studies from reference. This is very important for me as it allows me to really get a good grasp of the proportions of building sections with respect to each other, e.g. distribution and elevation of stories, entrance-to-gate-to-roof ratios, etc. 

For the last images— Taking the info I’ve learned from the studies, I tried designing my own building front elevations. I intend to use these for a world-building project.

I specifically chose Romanesque and Indo-Saracenic architecture. But I also took the liberty of gathering and using some Byzantine references on the side since historically, that’s where medieval Christian and Muslim aesthetics intersect. In my mind, if I want to combine Roman and Saracenic designs, there is no point making it up on my own because existing, functional solutions are actually already provided for by the Byzantine architects of history!

Also shown are my materials. I use a very light grey marker* to block in my shapes, then I line it with a super fine 0.04 Pilot G-Tec pen. I then use midtone greys (two shades away from each other) for shadows. At the end, I use a fatter line to draw around each building thumbnail, in order to separate and distinguish them as uniquely readable silhouettes. I find that it is easier to get a quick read of each unique shape if you do this fat line around each of them. That way it’s easier to compare and select which designs are working for you :)

*Prismacolor TRIA: NG08. NG stands for Neutral Grey. If you use Copics, I think the equivalent is T1 or T2. (T stands for Toner, I presume)

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