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Shippers gonna ship. Drawers gonna draw :))

Some notes on the artwork:

  • Asami is slouching because she is tall. Ahaha. Sorry if it looks uncharacteristic :)
  • The bike is a 1950s Motoguzzi Falcone. LoK’s world aesthetic seems closer to that of the 1920s and the war eras. But I think this cafe racer really fits the series’ design language. Plus, it’s just such a nice-looking bike! I changed the colors to better fit the steam and diesel colors of Republic City.
  • The jacket is not an Asami personal jacket cos that would be weird and narcissistic. Plus jock jackets are not a steampunk thing. I justify it as a Sato Mobiles (the automobile brand of Future Industries) jacket, I guess. I just thought it would be nice to have a “Sato” jacket over Korra. I like my cheese subtle ;)
  • I did not have them with helmets on because since they have their backs towards us, I only have their silhouettes to rely on for iconic character identity. If I covered the hair, they might as well be some other character pair. But I still drew helmets so as not to violate the representation of safety regulations. I really think these things through, haha.

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